Conan O'Brien Sang Simpsons' "Monorail Song" at the Hollywood Bowl

Last night, the cast of The Simpsons gathered at the Hollywood Bowl for "The Simpsons Take the Bowl," a musical event celebrating the show's 25th anniversary. A number of the show's most memorable musical moments were revisited, but perhaps the most exciting was Conan O'Brien's performance of "The Monorail Song," from… » 9/13/14 1:52pm Yesterday 1:52pm

Exasperating Kid Is Exasperatingly Cute on Ellen

Ellen continued its week of showcasing cute kids from the Internet who are known for saying a word yesterday with the adorable, bow-tied "exasperating" kid. (He's still not terribly on board with the idea of having a new brother or sister, if you're wondering.) » 9/12/14 4:33pm Friday 4:33pm

Paris Hilton Correctly Spent $13K on "World’s Smallest Pomeranian"

Paris Hilton recently made the correct decision to spend 13,000 of her (unlimited?) dollars on what is said to be the "world's smallest pomeranian." It looks like a pipe cleaner chick, weighs 11.6 ounces, and was referred to on Paris's Instagram as "this." » 9/12/14 1:31pm Friday 1:31pm

Iggy Azalea Tweets Sex Tape Denial as Legal Team Says It Might Be Her

TMZ reported yesterday that porn king Vivid Entertainment had its hands on a sex tape allegedly featuring Iggy Azalea and an ex-boyfriend. Iggy denied it was her in the video, and responded to the rumor—and the larger idea of profiting off of someone's "intimate moments" without their consent—yesterday with a series… » 9/12/14 10:35am Friday 10:35am

Jimmy Fallon Reminisces About Childhood With Sesame Street

Last night, a few well-known residents of Sesame Street stopped by the Tonight Show to help Jimmy Fallon with his #hashtags segment. This time, Fallon asked viewers to reminisce about being a kid. » 9/12/14 9:36am Friday 9:36am

Matthew McConaughey's Lincoln Ad Gets True Detective'd

On last night's Conan, we got to see what Matthew McConaughey's already True Detective-y new Lincoln commercials would look like with a bit of True Detective dialogue in the mix. (The answer is: they would look like True Detective!) » 9/11/14 11:07am Thursday 11:07am